Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jamberry Nails Initial Review

    About a month or so ago my work family and I attended a ladies' shopping night out.  It was at this event that I purchased some Jamberry Nail Wraps.  I purchased the set called Champagne Toast.  Out of this one set you can expect to get about 4 mani/pedis.  I never purchased from Jamberry before because I was under the impression that the $15 set was only one manicure.  When I learned that I could get a few applications out of one set, I decided to purchase some sets to test out.

   If you don't know what Jamberry is/are, they are essentially nail wraps that can be applied directly to the nail and worn in lieu of polish.  I've heard different opinions on how long these nail wraps are expected to last on our fingers.  The woman who sold it to me said 7-10 days, but most reviews state anywhere from 5-7 days.

  I did have a "sample" nail applied at the shopping event and it lasted 7 days while still looking nice.  I unfortunately did not apply these as well as the vendor did.

  I have to admit the application process is quite easy.  HOWEVER, I suck at anything nail related so I had a bit more trouble filing off some of the excess nail product and cutting the wraps to the proper size/shape.  I also did not have a cuticle stick to help to get these babies to stick and I used the end of a nail file instead.

As you can see the design is GORGEOUS!  As you can also see, I sucked at the application.  I just couldn't get the wraps on as smooth as I wanted and also think I didn't size them correctly around my cuticle.  However, as my first time applying and again I suck at anything nail related I didn't do as horrible a job as I would expect.

I applied these on a Saturday afternoon and by that Wednesday afternoon I had to rip these things off.  They looked as good as the day I applied them, but every time I would run my fingers through my hair, my hair would get caught in it or caught under it.  I do think this was due to my poor application.

Here is how they looked on Wednesday.

The removal involved me just peeling them off.  Again, I think if I applied them correctly this wouldn't have been my removal process.  They did leave a little residue, almost looking like polish, behind on my nails and I was able to remove that with a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil and then some scrubbing with a nail brush.

The reason why I am calling this an initial review, is because I have another set where I want my friend to help in the application process to see if I have a better look and longer lasting effects.

Have you ever tried Jamberry? Any tips or tricks? 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: April

    So I have finally continued my little blogger plan of trying out a different cruelty free/naturalish beauty box each month.  This month's box is the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  Vegan Cuts is a brand I see frequently featured on a lot of natural/organic beauty vlogger so I decided to give it a try.

   So the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box costs $19.95 per month and typically contains between 4-7 products with a variety of full size and sample size products.  All products are 100% cruelty free and most products are organic and natural.

   I received the April Beauty Box and I must admit, I wasn't blown away by it.  I know it's not fair to judge a subscription box as a whole by only one month, but considering I am basing my review on one month and whether or not I want to subscribe to something based on one box, this one was a bummer.  Also, they don't include the prices on their information sheet (which annoys me) so my prices will be based on a general web search.

Here is what I received:

*Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen ($3.99)*
I love the idea of an organic sunscreen as I know most sunscreens are full of chemicals.  I will be trying this out as soon as the weather decides to become spring like.

*Emani Organic Lip Shine in Blush ($16.00)*
I was very happy to see a full sized product.  While the packaging of this lipgloss is bulky, I actually really like the color.  I haven't tried it on the lips yet, but judging from the swatch it's a bit goopy, which I don't mind.

*Petal Fresh Tea Tree Oil Conditioner ($8.50 for full size)*
I love tea tree oil and I love experimenting with tea tree oil shampoos for dandruff treatment.  I must admit I have never heard of tea tree oil conditioner, but I am quite excited to give this a try.

*Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Hair Spray ($22 for full size)*
I love a good sea salt spray, and anything that has Mermaid in the title must mean it works right?  I tend to only use salt spray during the summer when I am washing or at least rinsing my hair more frequently as sea salt sprays tend to irritate my scalp.  I haven't played around with different hair textures since my hair has been this in between length so I'm excited to try this.

*Wellinhand Action Remedies Vanilla Rosemary Bug-a-boo Bug Repellent*
Last summer I discovered that I was big fan of the Honest Company's Insect Repellent, but I love this sample size one to try and throw into a beach bag or bag for a hike.  I DO NOT do well with bugs.

Swatch of Emani Blush Gloss

So I must admit, after typing this up and looking at each product, I realized that I don't think this is as much of a dud of a box as I originally thought.  I plan on using or at least sampling every product.  I would estimate the total value of this box at around $40 so it's almost worth the double the cost of the box.  

In terms of cruelty free/natural boxes, Petit Vour is still my favorite, but this one is definitely worth a shot as well.

Which one will I be trying next?? 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Co-Op Chronicles: Ladybug Repellent

      So I've changed the name of my little housewarming series of posts to Co-op Chronicles, simply because I like the name better.

   This post is about an incredibly boring topic: insect repellent.  When I moved in to my place I realized there seemed to be quite a collection of ladybugs on my living room and bedroom windows.  Ladybugs are not necessarily a pest or something for me to be scared of, but I hate bugs, any bugs so these ladybugs had to go.

  I started googling natural ways to repel ladybugs and came across Camphor Oil.  Camphor oil has a multitude of uses and benefits including:
-facilitating digestion and blood circulation
-relieving spasms/cramps
-curing gas trouble
-relieving congestion
-reduces nervous disorders
-boosts libido
-cures erectile dysfunction
……and repels ladybugs!

I saw several different ways to use Camphor Oil to get rid of ladybugs and I decided to soak a few cotton pads with about 20-25 drops of oil and stick them in the corners of my window frames.  I wore gloves to do this, just in case.  I'm just beginning to learn about essential oils and I'm not sure which need to be used with carrier oils or are dangerous to to the touch or whatever.

I have 4 windows where I have spotted a ladybug or 2, and to test this out I put the cotton pads in 3 of my 4 windows.  I knew this weekend would be a great weekend to test this out, as it was going to be very warm, and the warmth attracts ladybugs.

Since I have put my 2 Camphor Oil pads in each window, I have not seen a single ladybug.  In the window where I didn't put the pads, I saw 3 this weekend.  So far, this has been a great success.

Camphor oil is pretty cheap ($3-$6) for a hefty sized jar, so if you have a ladybug problem (or according to my research other pests as well) give Camphor Oil a try.

This oil has completely peaked my interest in essential oils.  I ended up ordering an introductory type kit from Young Living as my friend is always talking about all the different way she uses her oils.  I can't wait to get my kit and try them all out.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dollar Shave Club Review

  Every now and then I get into a good roll with couponing, but more often than not I use a coupon or two to buy something I really need and then pay full price on everything else.  One item that I loathed spending so much money on was razors!  Razors and cartridges are so insanely over priced.

  I decided to look into some of the the online razor subscription services and heard really good things about Dollar Shave Club.  It was difficult to find a lot of reviews written by women, but considering I tend to prefer men's razors anyway I decided to give it a try.

  For my first month I decided to try "The Executive" which is their most expensive razor at $9.  $9 includes the razor handle, 4 cartridges, a sample of one of their shave products and shipping.  I find that to be an awesome deal!

  I received my first shipment 3 days after ordering it. The packaging was well done but considering my legs needed some TLC I quickly opened it.  It was packaged beautifully and the handle itself reminds me of a Shick Hydro 5.  The razor blades themselves have 6 blades, which if you look for 6 blade razor blades in the drugstore, the price tag can be well over $15.

  I personally use this razor for my legs, armpits and upper thighs.  It worked beautifully on all 3 of these areas, and I can also see it working well for the bikini area as well, but I get that area waxed.  This razor provides a nice smooth shave and I don't have to go over any area more than once, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, no matter what razor I use my hair grows back quite quickly, but this gave me smooth legs until my next shower/shave the following evening.

   Since I only use this on those few areas I am thinking of trying out the $6 razor, The 4X, which has 4 blades and a pivoting head.  If I was shaving my bikini area I may stick to The Executive, but for my legs and armpits I am going to try The 4X and then I will be able to compare the two.

   Another feature about The Dollar Shave Club that I love is their referral program.  For every person who uses your link to sign up, you get a $5 credit to apply towards your subscription or your purchase of one of their products.  My boyfriend signed up shortly after I did using my link so my April box will cost me only a $1!  If you are interested in giving this subscription service a try, please consider using my link!  Then after you sign up, use your link to get your loved ones to sign up.

Would you be willing to give a razor subscription service a try?

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