Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Gift Guide: Type A Friend (Under $50)

    Everyone has a type A friend or relative in their life.  If not, then everyone can use a little type A in their life whether they like to admit it or not.

Here are some gift ideas for the organized person in your life or someone who needs to be a bit more organized!

An Adorable Planner

Planners have been every lately due to the popularity of the Erin Condren Life Planners.  These are two affordable options or you can also check out the Sugar Paper Planners from Target!  

Any Kate Spade Stationery Item

Seriously, any of these Kate Spade items would make any desks cape complete!  They are adorable and useful!  Check TJ Maxx/Home Goods for some cute and cheap stationery items.

A Closet Organizer

As someone who is in the process of buying a condo, I know how important it is to stay organized.  These closet organizers used to be all the rage when I was in college, but now that I plan on using my closet for a majority of my clothing I would definitely love getting one of these!

A Cute iPad Case

A type A gal likes to keep her iPad with her at most times to always be in constant contact and in the know!  Why not spoil her with a designer or cutuesy iPad case?

A Portable Charger

When did they start making these little portable chargers so damn cute?  These chargers can charge a cell, iPad or laptop and they are so damn cute!

A Cute Watch

Believe it or not, you can get a very cute and functional watch for under $50!  Although I am not a watch person, I am thinking I need to become one due to my classroom.  I would love to have any of these boyfriend style watches!

What would you get the Type A gal in your life?  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: The Beauty Guru (All Under $50!)

   One of my favorite parts of being a girl is the makeup!  I love makeup!  I love buying it, using it and just seeing it.  If there's a gal like this in your life here are some affordable gifts to add to your shopping list.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I have this palette and I just adore it!  First of all, it looks like a chocolate bar!  Secondly, it actually smells like chocolate!  Finally, the colors and pigmentation are just gorgeous.  This is great for the makeup newbie or pro in your life as it contains such a beautiful variety of colors and finishes.  Did I mention it smells like chocolate?

Any Josie Maran Set

I have a variety of Josie Maran products and I really love them all.  The oil is so nourishing and hydrating and the cosmetic products are beautiful and sensitive skin safe (in my experience).  Any of these sets would be great for the beauty guru in your life.

Real Techniques Blending Sponge

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty guru in your life.  I have been through about 3 of these in the last few months and they are amazing.  Don't waste your money on the Beauty Blender sponge when you can get this baby.

Hourglass Blush

The Hourglass brand has become so popular and these blushes are just so beautiful on their own and packaged so beautifully that they make a beautiful gift for the luxe beauty lover in your life.

Bite Beauty Set

I have only tried a few products from Bite Beauty but I am beyond obsessed with them all.  This little set is like a starter set for Bite Beauty and is great for any lippie lover.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

A little self promotion here, but if you haven't tried this 3D Fiber Lash Mascara yet, I don't know what you're waiting for!  This really is a great gift for the beauty guru in your life because chances are they don't have anything similar to this!  Today (December 15th) is the last day to purchase to guarantee Christmas delivery! 

What beauty products are on your shopping list this year?  Any goodies under the $50 mark? 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Health Nut (All under $50)

    I wish I could say that I fall under the health nut category, but I fall under the wannabe health nut category.  Here are some easy, peasy gift ideas for the health nut in your life!

Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings are perfect for the athlete in your life no matter what physical activity they engage in.  Let's face it, they are also great for just lounging around or running errands.  Yoga leggings can get really up there in price, but here's some great options all under $50.

A Protein Powder

A protein powder may sound boring to the average folk, but to the health nut this is a one stop shop.  A good protein powder can be used in smoothies, just mixed with water and even as an ingredient in baked goods.  This vegan vanilla one is one of my favorites.

A Kick Ass Exercise DVD

This Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD is one of my absolute favorite workouts and it's so damn cheap!  It's quick and effective and great for the beginner or advanced exerciser.

A Glass Water Bottle

Any health nut is aware of the possible dangers of using plastic water bottles and tupperware.  These glass water bottles are stylish and safe!

A Legit Sports Headband

These headbands are not only cute, but they mean business.  The difference between a sports headband and a traditional headband is that these are created to stay in place and to help keep your hair out of your face while working out.

Women's Weight Lifting Gloves

For the serious fitness buff in your life!  I have been dying to get into lifting and women's hands tend to be more sensitive than men's so these gloves help prevent blistering.  Plus, they are cute!

Flip Belt

I am so obsessed with these flip belts!  I want one so badly!  This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who likes to exercise outside.  This little belt (a cuter fanny pack if you will) fits perfectly over your yoga pants or leggings and has a zip pocket to fit your phone, keys and a little bit of cash. 

So here are just a few suggestions for the health nut in your life.  What would you buy for the health nut in your life for under $50?  Always looking for recommendations! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Book Review: Love, Lashes and Lipstick by Mally Roncal

    I don't know about you, but when I can't find anything on tv I automatically turn on QVC or HSN.  I've purchased quite a few things from both networks, but I must say I prefer QVC.  One of the biggest reasons why I prefer QVC is because of Mally and Mally Beauty.  If you have never watched Mally, I urge you to find out when she is on QVC next and sit back and enjoy.

    Mally is adorably happy and confident and gorgeous.  Her makeup line is fantastic and she is the makeup artist to some big stars, including Beyonce.  When I found out that she wrote a book I automatically snatched it up from my library.

   Mally's book, Love, Lashes and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous, Happy Life, is part self-help book, part autobiography and part makeup book.  It's a very quick read and a book that I must say actually made me happy reading it.

  Mally, whose real name is Melissa (more of a reason for me to love her), tells her life story including the death of her mother from breast cancer.  She tells how her mother knew she was going to die so squeezed a lifetime full of memories into a few short years.  I must admit, I cried while reading some of this chapter.  Some people can be very bitter about suffering such a loss in their life, but Mally used it to create something beautiful in her life, which is very admirable.

   Mally also shares stories about her start in the makeup industry.  She stresses the fact that no job is too small and to say yes to everything.  You never know when a small opportunity can lead to a big one, or if you can meet someone life changing (she met her husband on a list minute shoot) by just saying yes.

   Dispersed throughout the book are pages with makeup tips and tricks.  There were a few that I really liked.

The first makeup tip I liked (and already started using) is the "starburst" mascara tip.  When I normally put mascara on I bring the wand towards the outer edge of my eye, giving a cat eye like effect to my lashes.  Mally says to bring the lashes towards the bridge of your nose which gives your eyes a more open eyed effect.  I've been doing this and I really like the result!  Especially under my glasses and with tired eyes, this does help my eyes look a bit more awake.

The second tip I really liked is her natural eyeliner tip, which it turns out is a tip I've been using for quite a while.  Mally says to use a darker liner on your top lash line and a lighter shade on your lower lash line.  This gives a more natural look and also helps cut down on such a stark contrast on your under eye.  For my daily use I prefer using an espresso brown on top and a bronze on bottom.

All in all, I must say I really enjoyed this book and I think next time I see Mally on QVC I will enjoy watching her even more.  

Have you ever used any of Mally's products or watched her on QVC? 

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