Saturday, July 4, 2015

June Random Favorites

    For the month of June I was actually a bit more excited about my random favorites, than my beauty favorites.  They have proved to be some great discoveries for me!


Prosecco has become my favorite adult beverage of the summer.  This sparkling white wine is amazing with a few fresh strawberries thrown in the glass and the carbonation helps to keep it from going down too quickly.  I haven't found a particular brand I'm more fond of than others, but I love this LaMarca one simply because it tastes good and matches my kitchen!

Young Living Oil Diffuser

A few months back I ordered a starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils.  My friend at work swore by essential oils and used them for basically everything.  I'm really trying to use more natural products instead of relying on chemicals or traditional medications so I ordered this some what expensive starter kit and have been using this diffuser almost daily whether it's for allergy purposes, migraine purposes or getting the funky smell out of my kitchen.  Stay tuned for a blog post all about my oils collection!

Saturday Farmers Market

I am lucky enough to be within walking distance of a farmers market every Saturday.  My Saturday ritual consists of waking up, walking down to the farmers market for my produce for the week, picking up an applesauce muffin and Starbucks for breakfast and just enjoying my weekend.  I've been picking up mainly cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, white potatoes, and zucchini for my zucchini pasta.

The Chalene Show Podcast

Tammy told me about The Chalene Show podcast a few months ago and I didn't think anything of it.  One day I got so sick of hearing the same damn music on the radio every time I drove to work that I decided to listen to a podcast.  I instantly became hooked.  Chalene's shows are so interesting and vary in topic from things like organization, social media, personal branding, fitness, weight loss, etc.  Her topics and guests are always very interesting and I have learned quite a few things from her.  

Netflix and Gossip Girl

When I bought my place I also bought a massive tv for my living room.  I have never used a Smart Tv before and I became quickly addicted to it when I realized I could watch Netflix and Youtube so easily.  My dad shared his Netflix log in with me and I quickly added Gossip Girl to my queue.  I remember watching the first season of Gossip Girl and being obsessed and I don't know why I stopped.  I've been watching an episode almost daily for the whole month of June.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Beauty Favorites

    I know people say this every month, but I honestly can not believe that the month of June is over.  June was a very up and down month for me.  I found out I was getting moved from the school that I felt so comfortable and happy in, only later to find out the principal I grew to adore was getting moved to another school.  I'm still slowly getting my apartment together and it's honestly taking a bit longer than I thought.

     On top of that my skin has been going bananas.  I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago and was told I had seb dermatitis.  It's gross, but it's basically dandruff of the face.  I have been applying a prescription cream and it seems to be at bay, but I have to be very careful with products now which is really no fun!

  Other than that I actually made a great discovery.  My super sweaty summer skin loves powder foundations!  When my classroom was reaching temperatures upwards of 107 degrees, I no longer experienced foundation pooling around my eyeglasses line.  I am very, very happy with this!

*Captain Blankenship Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray*

I think I received this in my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and it's really amazing.  It doesn't give my hair any sort of oily or greasy feeling and really helps to bring out any natural texture I have.  I've used it on damp and dry hair and it doesn't feel like it builds up.  However, I always experience a lot of frizz when I use any beach spray so I am trying to find a good product to combat that.

*It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Light*

I got this in a QVC It Cosmetics kit and I am so glad I did!  I never really thought of myself as a powder foundation girl, but this stuff is awesome.  It's described as full coverage, but I find it to be medium coverage which is what I want anyway.  It doesn't settle into my pores and doesn't run off of my sweaty face.  It's really a summer stand out for me.

*Younique Mineral Touch Cream Foundation in Organza*

Since I've been experiencing so many skin problems as of late, I wasn't comfortable with just the coverage of the powder foundation.  I used this around my dermatitis breakouts prior to applying my foundation and it works amazingly.  I also use this to cover up any bruises on my legs (I bruise like a peach) and while it doesn't cover them up completely it definitely makes them WAY less noticeable.

*Younique Moodstruck Minerals Pigment in Sassy*

I am not a fan of the color pink at all.  However, a Younique presenter posted a picture of her wearing just a pink pigment and I thought it looked so beautiful.  I've been pairing this with the product below and it gives the prettiest, most feminine look.  Pair this with some black liner and 3D Lashes and it's a perfect girly look.

*Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in Pink Evermore*

I rarely wear a single shadow color without a cream base and this pink color provides the perfect base for the Sassy pigment.  If you aren't a fan of sparkle though, this product and this combination is not for you.

*Ofra Professional Makeup Brush #20*

I have been using this to apply the Mineral Touch Cream Foundation around my breakouts and it works beautifully.  I don't typically like a paddle type foundation/concealer brush, but for applying a product that is just going to be covered up by foundation anyway, this works beautifully.

Pink Evermore with Sassy Pigment

What products were you reaching for this past month?

To purchase the Mineral Touch Cream Foundation, Sassy Pigment, or any other amazing Younique product, click here!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love With Food Box Review

     A month or so ago I saw an Amazon Local deal for the food subscription service, Love With Food. The deal was $7 plus shipping for a $15 value box.  However, since I have purchased that deal the price has gone done to $8 a month including shipping.  What I really like about this particular subscription is that they donate food to a child in need for every box purchased and that is kind of amazing.

The box itself is so cute and sturdy.  I bought the Tasting Box, which is the smallest size box.  Let's see what I got!

*Crazy Hot Pop Chips*

Ok, I love Popchips, but I dislike spicy.  These went right to a friend of mine.

*Stonefire Naan Crisps*

Ok, these are SO good.  I'm a huge fan of naan and this tastes like it in cracker form.  This with an individual sized serving of hummus is a perfect portion controlled snack.

*Sheila G Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle*

OH MY GAHHH…this stuff is so delicious!!!  It reminds me a bit of the 100 calorie sized serving of Oreos, those little chocolate crackers, only a 1000 times better.  This bag is 120 calories and this treat was so rich that I don't think I would sit there and go through a whole package of these individual bags in one sitting.  I will DEFINITELY be ordering this.

*Everything Bar by Sheffa*

This is a snack bar that's basically the flavor of an everything bagel.  I can't stand sesame seeds so this also went to a friend.

*Choo Choo Cherry Flavored Dried Cranberries*

Ok a cherry flavored cranberry seems a bit odd to me.  I'm not a big fan of cranberries or cherries, but I left this in my cupboard to possibly try it one time.

*Emily's Northwest Trail Mix*

I love me a good trail mix, and love them even more when they are portioned control because these can get calorie laden.  This was a very good one, but not good enough for me to try to hunt it down to repurchase.

*Kutoa Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar*

This was another pass for me as I am not a fan of cherries, although the macros on this product was pretty good.

*Classic Iced Tea Candies*

These I have to admit were pretty good.  They taste like a sweet tea and it's just a nice, small way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

When I read back over the products I've received, it seems like a lot.  Perhaps this may be a great box for someone is a bit less picky with their food than I am, but I just feel like a subscription box like this won't work for me as I won't get my money's worth.

What healthy food subscription boxes have you tried?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Fashion Wish List

   A few days back I posted my summer beauty wish list.  Well, a beat face only does so much if your outfit isn't on point.  Here's some of the clothes and accessories that I want to make mine for summer 2015.

I am just SO in love with this ombre maxi skirt.  I have seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram.  I hunted it down and it is available on  I have never ordered from this site and I'm not sure I completely believe it, but I loooove this skirt.  Has anyone ever ordered from here?

I love the look of a pair of slouchy, pajama like shorts with cute heels and a tank.  It's super comfy and super chic at the same time.  Much more unexpected than a summer dress.  I like this ones from Express and as they frequently run sales I am sure I will be purchasing a pair or two soon.

My friend Ally came to work with this Express shirt on a few weeks ago and the second I saw it, I knew I needed it.  I love a top that can be great for work, but done up a bit (or unzipped a bit in this case) can be a great going out shirt.  This top definitely fits the bill!

I personally feel like rompers are the best "going out" outfit for the summer.  It's one piece so no need to coordinate a top and bottom and since it's shorts as opposed to a dress or skirt there's no worrying about twerking too hard.  This romper from Shop Tobi is just so gorgeous.  Shop Tobi is another website I have never ordered from before, but their pieces just look gorgeous.

This bathing suit is SO not practical, and will be SO unflattering on my back, but I can't help but be obsessed with it.  I also like the scalloped cut of the bathing suit bottom.  It's something fun and out of my comfort zone.

Every bathing suit needs a coverup, and I really like this knotted tank from VS.  I have a couple of knotted tees from Express and they are surprisingly flattering.  I think this white one looks crisp and is sheer enough to have the bathing suit show through which I really like.  

In terms of shoes I want every sparkly, flat, super bad for my feet, pair of sandals out there.  I'm sick of rotating between the same few and since these get wrecked so easily anyway, I plan on going to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe and stocking up.

What fashion items are on your summer wish list this year? 
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